A Hybrid Work Guide for Adults with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Suddenly transitioning to remote and hybrid work has been a challenging adjustment for many adults. Those with ADHD might find it even more difficult, so try not to let the challenge discourage you.

There are a lot of trade-offs to be made when you no longer have to do the morning commute. You may find that, in contrast, you’re now struggling with other things like “Zoom fatigue” and feeling more disconnected. Other routines have gone out of the window as well, so you may find that it’s difficult to concentrate

Working from home allows you to avoid the daily grind of commuting but, at the same time, brings its own set of struggles. How can you work productively and protect your mental health when you’re doing your job from outside the office?

Explore this guide to hybrid work that can suit adults with ADHD.

Tips for hybrid remote meetings

Zoom saw a 535% increase in daily traffic in 2020. We found that the rise is even greater when you take into account how many companies use different platforms for communication, which shows that people are becoming more familiar with modern ways of communicating.

  1. Avoid being stagnant or stationary. Standing still on camera will make you feel restless, so try to walk around the room occasionally and sit on a stability ball from time to time if possible. This will allow you to use up some excess energy as well.
  2. Focus your eyes on one object at a time. The constant eye contact on Skype or FaceTime can be exhausting, so it’s totally fine to stand back and focus on something other than the screen for the duration of a video call. Additionally, looking at yourself in front of the camera for an extended period of time can make you feel tired too, so most platforms
  3. Look away. To help release your eyes from strain, it’s important to regularly glance away from the screen, up, or have your focus fall on an object in the distance.
  4. Use audio-only. Be selective about turning your camera on. Consider the company’s culture before giving it a go and if you need to understand others, ask first
  5. Take scheduled breaks. Add video calls to the mix and it can be even harder to remain active and not get tired. Make sure to take deep breaths at least once an hour for some relief.

People with attention deficit disorder often have trouble focusing at work. These tips can help you stay on task and avoid burnout.:

When nobody is here to keep you motivated and organized, it’s your job to step up.

Check out these tips for developing coping strategies that will enable you to focus on what’s important:

  1. Please take meds. For adults with ADHD, the doctor will tell them to take medication as part of their treatment plan. It’s important to follow their recommendations if you want to manage your symptoms at home, too!
  2. Create a schedule for yourself and make sure to leave space in your day for the most important tasks. Set reasonable expectations and make sure to allow enough time for your top priorities.
  3. Set up a designating workspace. Setting up boundaries will allow you to have your space for personal and business tasks by either renovating an empty room or working at one side of the dining room table
  4. Take your work process from messy to streamlined with these four tips. Clean up after yourself and declutter the space around you, clearing yourself of what you no longer need.
  5. Get storage. Visit office supply and home furnishing websites to shop for organizing solutions. Maybe you want a desk instead of filing cabinets
  6. Reminders are vital when you work remotely. Placing reminders, such as chalkboards and sticky notes, in high-traffic areas around your home can be a great way to remind yourself of various tasks. One option is to create alarms on your phone that go off at certain times so that you’re alerted to tasks or it’s time for a meeting.
  7. Find a partner: Have you grown lonely with little opportunity for social interactions outside of work? Make a new friend from the office or reconnect with an old one, who can help improve your loneliness. One way to do this would involve reaching out to them each morning or during lunch hours
  8. It’s important that you try to end your day at a reasonable time. That way, you can go home and unwind from your day, instead of working from home until bedtime.

For adults with ADHD, some thought is required to adjust to a hybrid work style. However, there are some advantages too. Advantages include having more flexibility to structure your job in a way that reduces stress and allows you to make the most of your personal strengths.

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