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The Virtual Networking Tools You Need to Promote Your Business

When you want to meet new people and share your message with others using a virtual network, it is important to work with the right network of people so that they can get in contact with you. It’s arduous to embark on the hunt for virtual networking tools. There are many sketchy places to find, but if you take the time to plan ahead, your efforts will be much more fruitful. Some of the best tools you can use include:


Looking for a virtual networking site? Zoom is a good place to start. Zoom is a widely-used video chat service and it’s pretty easy to set up and use- we’d say it doesn’t require any download onto your computer, and you can talk to one person or many people at the same time. Zoom also contains a number of other useful features like video messages.


A webinar that offers flexibility is great to use if you’re looking to expand your virtual networks. Websites like GoToWebinar are designed with this in mind and offer all the tools you need for hosting an event.

Zoom provides similar benefits, but it also gives you many other great features that allow you to interact with your supporters, see insightful analytics about how your video content is performing, and a lot more.


Slack is an excellent option for planning virtual events. There are all sorts of great features that anyone can use to really get the most out of an occasion like this. It’s useful to quickly set up conferences or meetings with other people you need to get in touch with that are coming up, or if something just came to your attention that you want to act on.

One major benefit of using Slack is that you can jump in an instant, having a real-time chat with other attendees without the need to exchange contact information first. This leaves you with less friction between events. This makes it easier for the organizer to build a community and direct their attention better than before.


The formatting styles of your Virtual events can be made fresh and new with the use of Eventify. This is a chance for you to customize everything from fonts to color choices so that your event app is as unique as possible. You can use Eventify to develop a tailored app for your event that will handle all the networking you want to do at the event.


Brella is a new event platform that has been recommended by a lot of people. It was built from the ground up with web-original features designed to meet your event needs. With features like live video streaming, chat rooms, and personalized branding, Brella is easily one of the best platforms out there.

Arena & UPStage

You can also work with Arena. The set-up is perfect for hybrid and virtual events, it was designed by event organizers for other event organizers. So you know that it’s got everything you need to run your next big thing! With this, you can get ahead with all of your virtual networking needs! It’s easy to customize and scalable so it’s suitable for any size of business. You get a robust service at an affordable price

Arena/Upstage by Hire Space is a great place to start when you need to get a virtual or hybrid conference off the ground. They offer some of the best when it comes to all of the networking capabilities that you need to foster some of those connections that are so important to your company.

Connect with entrepreneurs, do networking sessions, and even join in on focus groups thanks to the features of this platform. You’ll be able to stay up-to-date with all your peers by joining this network There are many good reports to keep you apprised of how many attendees interacted with one another and if they could set up any 1 on 1 meeting too.

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